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What is CEDI?

What is CEDI?

CEDI is the Union of two platforms of IntegrAA…


The IntegrAA Warehouse Management System ( WMS ) and IntegrAA Electronic Data Interchange ( EDI )…


In Spanish language WMS means CEntro de DIstribucion plus EDI has become to CEDI.






More than 90% of Just In Time ( JIT ) scenarios requested by our customers this combination of elements is required…


At Himatec we deploy at least 40 new accounts by year of automotive production lines between Tiers in Mexico and OEMs in USA as well as on the rest of the world.



Automotive, Aerospace, Technology industries also request the follow of the guidelines of their JIT environment to be implemented into their 3PL service provider.


The union of all this requests moves Himatec team to create also the CEDI learning environment known as CLDIA ( Ciclo Logistico de Industria Automotriz y Aeronautica ).


CLDIA is provided as a seminar, duration is 6 hours.

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